aspSmartUpload | A free, fully-featured ASP component (2003)

ASP Smart Upload provides you with all the upload/download features you could possibly wish for :

Operating systems supported

Please refer to the FAQ for more information about Windows 2003 and IIS6 utilization.

Simple and complete upload

A few lines of code are all you need to integrate file uploads into your ASP applications. aspSmartUpload provides you with all the features you need to transfer one or more files to a web server using a browser. In the same way, all files sent can be saved in a database.

Total control over the upload process

Thanks to the aspSmartUpload module’s objects and methods, you can access all the information available on the transferred files (size, name, type, extension, etc.), even without the files being saved to the disk. This means you can save each file on the server according to its properties.

Mixed forms management

aspSmartUpload provides full control over mixed forms carrying both file fields and form fields. You can access the information entered using the form in the same way as the ASP function, "Request.Form". You are immediately ready to start uploading !

Total control over files sent

Secure your site ! The restriction features provided with aspSmartUpload mean you can maintain total control over which files are transferred to your server. For example, you can limit file transfer according to the size and type of file.

Special ISP feature :

Set the restrictions in the Registry to limit unwanted uploads to your servers.

Download whatever you want

With just 2 lines of code, turn your web server into a file server! Files can be in the web site directory or any other directory. You can set the download file names to be different to those on the server, or you force the Mime type of the downloaded file. Similarly, you can download data held on a database.